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Download Graph.
You just execute the file and the installation will askin which directory you want to install Graph. The installation will add a shortcut to Start-Programs-Graph, which may be used to run Graph. If an older version of Graph is already installed, you can just install the new version over it.
Graph Plotting of mathematical functions.
Graph on Mac. Graph is an open source application used to draw mathematical graphs in a coordinate system. Anyone who wants to draw graphs of functions will find this program useful. The program makes it very easy to visualize a function and paste it into another program.
Graph theory - Wikipedia.
The introduction of probabilistic methods in graph theory, especially in the study of Erdős and Rényi of the asymptotic probability of graph connectivity, gave rise to yet another branch, known as random graph theory, which has been a fruitful source of graph-theoretic results.
Graph - Wikipedia.
Graph theory, the study of such graphs and their properties. Graph topology, a topological space resembling a graph in the sense of discrete mathematics. Graph of a function. Graph of a relation. Chart, a means of representing data also called a graph.

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